5 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

One of the things we love most about living here in the coastal region of North Carolina is how quickly spring comes back around.  

And now that winter is winding down; it’s the best time of year to start thinking of all the home improvement projects you want to accomplish while the weather permits.  

If you’re a new homeowner or just haven’t had the opportunity to work on your house until this year, we’ve got a few items that you may want to go ahead and include on your to-do list. Because once spring is in full swing, you’ll want to dive headfirst into the tasks and knock them out – the sooner to bask in that warm sunshine! 

Clear the gutters. 

During the winter months, we tend to let some of the outdoor chores fall to the wayside in favor of indoor comforts such as cozy fireplaces and warm blankets. But when the chill starts to leave the air, it’s time to take stock of everything that’s built up in your absence.  

Winter weather for our region means plenty of rain, even if we never see any snow, and the precipitation can send remaining leaves straight into your gutters. It’s not the most fun job, but clearing your gutters keeps your home safe during the next downpour, and keeps them from getting weighed down and potentially detaching altogether.  

Check for pests. 

While you’ve been hunkering down inside to get away from the colder weather, you may not have been alone! Warmer months usher in all kinds of insects and other pests, but some of them might have taken refuge in your home. Some signs to watch out for include the following: 

  • Evidence of nesting 
  • Damage to plants 
  • Pest droppings 
  • Damage to structures


We recommend spraying for these invaders at the onset of spring to get rid of newcomers and draw out any that have made it past your defenses. Over the next couple of weeks, you should be able to rebuild a decent barrier between you and unwanted houseguests. 

As you are treating the inside and the perimeter of the house, don’t forget about the yard. You can hire a professional or DIY it, either way treating your whole yard is a great way to prevent mosquitos, fleas, and ticks from invading your next barbeque.  

Look overhead. 

Winter weather can take a toll on your roof thanks to lasting effects of snow, rain, ice, wind, and frigid temperatures expanding and contracting the support beams. If you’ve had a particularly wet winter, there’s even more reason to err on the side of caution and have a professional assessment done. It’s certainly better than waiting to find out about any weak or leaky areas by having to patch them amidst a spring rainstorm!  

Swap out air filters. 

Milder winters give way to warmer spring seasons, meaning that the air conditioning unit might be back in demand sooner rather than later. Because many homeowners tend to wait to swap out their air filters before they begin running any central systems, they often don’t find out about any malfunctioning parts until it’s too late. By then, they actually need the unit to function for everyone in the house to be comfortable, and the wait to have it fixed can take much longer when others are in the same spot. 

[If you need a handyman to help you with this to-do list, check out this blog post!] 

 Reseal outdoor woodwork.  

In our area, we see winters with alternating weather patterns and temperatures. The constant give and take of elements and temperatures can wreak havoc on wood structures that stay exposed during this time. We suggest resealing all your outdoor woodwork like fences, porches, swings, and even smaller pieces like bird feeders or ornamental items. 

As we get closer and closer to springtime, your local experts here on the Michelle Clark Team will be supplying you with more tips for making the most of your home in our coastal communities on our blog.  

Until then, get a head start on your home maintenance to-do lists so you can hit the beaches that much sooner!