5 Signs It’s Time to Sell Your House

It’s a brand new year, full of opportunities to change and experience new things!

Will selling your house be one of your new adventures in 2019?

Plenty of things can come up and make you want to sell your current home, and sometimes it’s just the right moment to do so. This year, if you find yourself at a crossroads, consult the local experts in real estate transactions for help every step of the home buying or selling process. And in the meantime, here are a few signs that it might be time to consider making that move.

You’re ready for a change of scenery.

Let’s face it – sometimes you just know when it’s time to move on and see a different view each day. Maybe it’s the new year talking, or maybe you’re the type that doesn’t like to sit still for long. Either way, there is nothing wrong with deciding that it’s time for a change. We recommend approaching this reason from a logical standpoint, too, just to make sure you won’t have seller’s remorse – literally – down the road.

It’s time to size up or down.

Bringing a new addition into the family this year? Or, maybe you’re tired of cleaning the square footage that used to be full of teenagers who are now grown up and in homes of their own? Adding or subtracting the number of residents in a house can present a great opportunity to move into a home that best suits your needs, rather than staying in one that’s too big or small for your family. The Michelle Clark Team specializes in helping buyers find the right fit, so if you need to house hunt while you field offers, we’ve got you covered on all sides.

You need a new project.

If you’re the handy, DIY type, you know that owning a house means never running out of projects. But if you’ve remodeled and renovated to your heart’s content at your current home, then you might find yourself looking a little too closely for new tasks to take on. In that case, it might be a prime opportunity to consider investing your time and talent in a completely different space. You and your house might have had a good run, but another location could be just waiting for your expertise to spruce it up again!

It’s a seller’s market.

A seller’s market means that a certain area has a high demand for homes, but that there aren’t very many available ones to choose from. This works in the seller’s favor because it makes his or her home a bit of a commodity, and buyers will be more willing to negotiate terms and give a little on their requirements in the interest of not losing the deal. But seller beware; if you’re leaving one house, it usually means that you, too, are in the market for a new one. Be sure you have an experienced agent on your side to help you navigate both ends of the real estate spectrum.

You’ve got big things coming this year.

Whether it’s a new job, continued education, or an exciting personal venture, a new year means new possibilities! If you’ve got something coming up that may necessitate the sale of your house, then there’s no better time than the present to start looking into your options and planning your next steps. To do that, we recommend getting together with a trusted real estate agent and forming an action plan that fits your timeline and makes it easier for you to move forward.

If 2019 is the year you sell your home and move onto bigger (or smaller) and better things, contact the Michelle Clark Team to get started!