5 Tips for Successful Summertime Staging

Spring and summer are often labeled as the best seasons to put a house on the market and get it sold as soon as possible. With that kind of reputation, it’s no wonder that so many homeowners try putting their homes up for sale around the same time!

But in doing so, they also saturate the market with available properties and leave themselves open to plenty of competition for buyers’ attention. Houses need to be in top shape if residents want to make the sale.

So how can you make sure that your property stands apart from the rest when the buyers have plenty of choices to consider? One of the simplest and most effective strategies the Michelle Clark Team uses to enhance your home’s existing appeal is to stage it in a way that shows off its best features. You can get a head-start on yours for the summer season with a few of our tips!

Keep it cool

One of the more frequent worries for new residents is how to live with the heat and humidity that the American Southeast is known for, particularly during the summer. So whether it’s finding the sweet spot with your central air conditioning, or opening a window to let in that fresh breeze on a mild day, always balance the home with temperatures that most people find comfortable in preparation for showings and open house events.

Soak up the sun

Our region is gorgeous in summer – use that to your advantage! Before you invite anyone over to take a look around, invest a little time and sweat into your lawn. It doesn’t need to be anything over-the-top; most potential buyers respond well to trimmed grass, tamed bushes, and tidy flower beds. If you have lawn furniture, make sure it’s all clean and in good condition, then arrange it in some of the best spots for catching a few rays.

Refresh your guests

You know the concept of baking cookies before an open house or a showing to make your home smell warm and inviting? Plus, providing treats is just one way to set potential buyers at ease while they take a look around the home. Well, with the summer heat you may want to lay off the hot, gooey cookies and spring for something to help cool everyone off. How about some refreshing lemonade instead? Whatever you decide to have on hand for your viewers, we recommend thinking ahead to taste preferences and possible allergies so you have the best chance of pleasing a number of palates at your next open house.

Set the tone

When you’re showing your home, it’s important to highlight just how comfortable it is so that the potential buyers can more easily see themselves enjoying it for years to come. Coastal homes often feature at least one element of sea-inspired décor, whether that means a wicker chair on the deck or a nautical theme in one of the bedrooms. If you’ve decorated your home in a similar manner, or have a few items that fit the bill, we would suggest playing those up in the summer to give viewers a real sense of the vacation town vibe.

Share a few neighborhood musts

There are usually plenty of things happening in the summertime, particularly along the coast. Before a showing or an open house, leave a few brochures or fliers of your favorite pastimes on the coffee table or kitchen counter. You can even neatly arrange them near those refreshments we mentioned earlier, just to give potential buyers a taste of the social scene for both the adults and the kids that might be making your house their future home.

Now that you’re prepared with a few handy tips for helping your house shine, it’s time to get it on the market! Contact the Michelle Clark Team and let one of our experienced local experts help you sell your coastal home and move on to your next big adventure.