Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Coastal Style

Chocolates, roses, candlelit dinners: Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and a few holiday staples might be on your mind if you’re planning to celebrate with someone special.

But as much as everyone loves to indulge in a favorite candy or an evening out, it never hurts to change things up. Living near the North Carolina coast offers a few unique opportunities to show someone how much you care.

This Valentine’s Day, take advantage of the many wonderful things that make coastal North Carolina an exceptional place to live and create an experience that neither you or your significant other will soon forget!

Start fresh

Nothing says your Valentine’s Day date has to occur at night – you can get up nice and early and start your romantic day with a gorgeous sunrise on the sand. Pack up a breakfast spread you can easily enjoy on the beach the night before, then head out first thing and scope out a good spot. From there, nature will lend a hand with a beautiful view for the two of you to bask in and start the day on a high note.

Memory lane

Countless photos of the horizon have been taken, and if you’re one of our neighbors who frequents the beaches around here, then you probably have a solid collection of them yourself! What better way to express appreciation for someone else than to share your memories of the region’s most beautiful sights? You could either go all out and arrange some of your best beach photos in an album, or download them to a digital frame. Either way, your special someone is bound to appreciate a constant reminder of sand, sun and seas through the photos you’ve taken close to home.

Plan a playdate

Every now and then, it pays to wind back the clock and spend the day like kids. This Valentine’s Day, you and your companion can mark the occasion with one of many attractions and activities in our area! Whether you decide this means a day spent playing on the beach, a trip to the Carolina Beach Boardwalk, or an afternoon at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher, the coastal region features plenty of lighthearted pastimes for you and someone special to bond over and enjoy one another’s company.

Message in a bottle

A Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, living near the shoreline can actually be a huge advantage if you opt to put a more personal touch on your present this year. Gather a few shells and some sand, and drop it all in a clean bottle or jar. After that, break out the pen and paper and write a few of your favorite things about your significant other, a nice note, or even sketch out a picture to show how much you appreciate everything he or she does.

If you’re looking for ways to change up your holidays and make the most of your amazing location, your local experts on the Michelle Clark Team are here to help! You can stay tuned to our blog for local happenings and advice, or browse for your next coastal home.