Fall Home Staging and Selling Tips

Warmly tinted leaves falling to the ground, a mild chill in the air: autumn is almost here in the coastal region of North Carolina!

Though we’re sorry to see summer go, fall brings with it a whole new round of exciting changes and seasonal favorites.

But if this year has for sale signs and home viewings in store for you and your family, the local experts on the Michelle Clark Team have a few suggestions to make the season work for you in terms of securing the sale of your home.

Off-season perks

You may have heard that selling your home in the off-season has its advantages, and we’re here to tell you that it most certainly is the case! It’s true that the summer boasts more interested buyers, but there is something to be said for limited options. When you make your house stand out from the rest in a narrower market, your chances of signing off on a price that benefits you increases. So if you’re worried about a lack of visitors to your open house, or having to let your house stay on the market longer than you might prefer, keep in mind that just because summer is over, doesn’t mean there isn’t someone just waiting to move in after you! An experienced agent will be able to help you navigate an off-season market to your advantage.   

Holiday décor

There is one thing about autumn to which most homeowners can attest; the onset of holiday season means an influx of cheerful, homey decorations! Even if you’re in the midst of selling your home, you can still embrace the festivities with a few seasonally-centered embellishments. When you’re decorating, just remember that less is more: for both you and potential buyers. Too many decorations can alienate those coming to view a house before they can decide if they like the space or not. For you, fewer decorations means less you have to pack away again in the event that you enter into a shorter sale with a buyer. Anything to make the moving process easier!

Embrace cozy nights in

Our region is particularly known for its coastal roots, which usually translates to nautical themes and cooler colors in the home. In the event that you want to make a sale during the fall season, it’s a good idea to give your home a distinguishable vibe by inviting images of nights spent inside as the temperatures continue to drop. Bring out your softest throws, and leave a stack of firewood at the ready beside the fireplace. This allows buyers to really visualize themselves in a new house for the colder months, to see how it can easily be made into a home.

The end of summer isn’t the end of the season to buy a new home – if you’re ready to put your house on the market this fall, contact our team to get started!