Falling for Figure Eight Island

Known for its sprawling beaches and small-town coastal charm, Figure Eight Island offers its residents a home that doubles as a vacation getaway.

Located within minutes of both Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach, the barrier island is home only to houses that are privately owned and maintained. It’s a tight-knit community, but you’re sure to find peace and quiet should you choose to settle down in one of its quintessentially cozy coastal homes.

The real estate agents on the Michelle Clark Team pride themselves on not just knowing southeastern North Carolina’s neighborhoods, but living in them, too! Let us help you get to know one of our state’s “best kept secrets” from the local perspective and find out if it’s the place for you to purchase a home.

Check out the neighborhood

Off the beaten path, Figure Eight Island usually appeals to those who want to steer clear of the bustling towns nearby without isolating themselves entirely. The locals like to boast that it was once the home of wild ponies, and it continues to provide a sanctuary for other local wildlife to this day. Besides a few vacation homes, single-family houses are what mainly occupy this idyllic corner of southeastern North Carolina, so you can think of it as your escape from some of the busier parts of the coastline.

What’s happening?

With about 1,300 acres of coastal scenery to explore, you won’t run out of things to do anytime soon. It’s the ideal situation for someone who enjoys the outdoors, with conditions well suited for everything from surfing and kayaking, to bird-watching or just taking a nature walk to soak in the sights. While the island itself doesn’t boast many tourist attractions, the residents do have an avid boating community centered around the Figure 8 Island Yacht Club and its many inclusive amenities.

Ways to get involved

There are always new opportunities through the Figure 8 Island Yacht Club to immerse yourself in this quiet community, like the local events that are regularly hosted in its rented spaces or its proximity to the residential docks. But if you’re not sure where to start, or want to know more about things to do in Figure Eight Island’s surrounding towns, feel free to reach out to the Michelle Clark Team. As active locals, our agents enjoy finding new ways to involve themselves in their own neighborhoods and lending our clients a few suggestions.

If you’re intrigued by life on this scenic barrier island, look no further! The Michelle Clark Team is ready to help you find the ideal home, whether on Figure Eight Island or any of the other fantastic coastal towns in our region.