Getting Back into the Swing of the School Year

The end of summer always brings about a hint of wistfulness, a reluctant return to the normal rhythms of cooler seasons.

For the kids, it means having to reacclimate to the structure of school schedules.

But getting back into the swing of the school year doesn’t have to be an ordeal – for you or for the kids! Even if they’re starting at a new institution, there are ways for you and the kids to make the transition from summertime freedom to serious study sessions without letting undue stress rule the playground.

Ease in

While diving into the deep end works well in some cases, we recommend working your way back into a normal school-centric schedule. Rather than sleeping in every morning until the first day, try gradually getting yourself and the kids into the habit of rising when you’ll need to in order to beat that first bell. Reintroduce study time, or even a loose window for everyday things like breakfast and dinner so there are fewer distractions on the first day of school. Carefree summer days are the best, but since they do come to an end it’s better to give yourself time to adjust again.

Summer cleaning

Springtime isn’t the only season for clearing out closets and shelves! Take the week or so before school starts back to peruse the school supplies your family already owns. When you’ve compiled everything you have to work with, you’ll want to decide what you do and don’t actually need, according to back-to-school lists provided by teachers. When you can pare down your shopping list to the essential items, you save yourself time and money, and you’ll know that each of the kids has what he or she needs to start the semester off well.

Timing is everything

Anyone who’s gone through the morning rush understands that time can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to getting everyone in your household to the right destination without being late. Particularly if you’ve recently moved somewhere new, it will be helpful to find out the timing behind a successful school year: how long it takes to commute in the mornings and afternoons, and when the kids will need to get up in order to be ready when you need to leave. Establishing all of this beforehand might seem like overkill, but it will certainly smooth out your routine in the long run!

Whether it’s your first time getting into the groove of a new school year or the twelfth, it never hurts to come in with some preparation under your belt! That’s why we with the Michelle Clark Team build up our collective local knowledge, so we can be better prepared to help you settle into life in southeastern North Carolina. Stay tuned to our blog for more!