Halloween in the Home

When you move into a new home during the off-season, there’s one downside that you probably wouldn’t have thought of until it’s staring you in the face.

How do you decorate for the holidays – like Halloween – when you’re not even sure where all of your silverware ended up?

Your neighbors here on the Michelle Clark Team know how important it can be to make a house feel like home as promptly as possible, and that definitely includes celebrating your favorite holidays! If you’re in a bind for decorations this Halloween, take a few of these tips and see what you come up with before the big night.

Halloween Candy Door Hanger

Just because you’re new to the neighborhood doesn’t mean you don’t already have plans elsewhere! All you need to make a more decorative container for sweet treats is a chalkboard, a hollow false pumpkin (which are available at most craft stores), an easy-to-use X-Acto knife, ½” screws and drill, a hammer and nail, and a couple of paint brushes.

First, draw out your jack-o-lantern’s face, and make sure the mouth will accommodate the kind of candy you plan to leave out. Use the knife to cut out the shapes when you have it designed to perfection. You can even draw or paint on the eyes if you want to save some time! When you cut the pumpkin in half, attach it to the chalkboard using the screwdriver; the nail can be added on at the bottom for extra security. After that, you only have to stuff in the candy and write your ghoulish little visitors a quick message on the board! Then you can hang it on the door, and head out to your own festivities.


You know those festive streamers and garlands that spell out the word “BOO,” or show a few bats in flight? You certainly don’t have to buy one of those in order to spice up your new place for Halloween! Simply decide what shapes or letters you’ll want to hang, and take measurements for how long the strands will need to be to cover the desired area.

A quick trip to the craft store should get you the supplies you need – felt, googly eyes, tissue paper for ghosts, letters, streamers, and of course the ribbon or twine you’ll use to connect all of the pieces. After that, all you need is a hole punch so you can wind the strand through your garland objects, or a hot glue gun to more securely bind them all together. Grab the kids, and you can all make a few spooky characters to form the garland before you string them along and hang the finished product wherever you’d like.


They may be an old stand-by, but the real beauty in jack-o-lanterns is that you can get as detailed as you want, or keep them nice and simple while still getting some festivity in your new home. We recommend grabbing a few pumpkins when you set out to find the best one for carving, just in case you need a spare. Then, you and the kids have plenty of opportunities to get creative with the blade, the marker, or even the paint brush: all while you make new memories in your home.

If you’re in a new residence this Halloween, make it your own with a few personal touches that the whole family can enjoy! And for more seasonal tips, be sure to keep an eye out for our next blog post.