Securing Your Home for Holiday Travel

The treats are baked, your bags are packed, and it’s time to hit the road! The holiday season always encourages travel to and from the homes of our family and friends so that no one gets left out of the celebrations.

But while you’re away, what’s happening at your home?

Unfortunately, during peak vacation times like around the holidays, there is also a general spike in cases of breaking and entering. Your neighbors on the Michelle Clark Team have a few tips for you to use in securing your home for the holiday season, no matter where you go!

Sound the alarm 

There are a number of reliable alarm systems you can invest in that will help minimize the damage in the event that your home is broken into while you’re away. And in some cases, having the small sign from the providing company somewhere in your front lawn can deter unwelcome guests from entering without invitation. If you decide to use this method of securing your home for the holiday season, be sure to coach everyone in your household on how to properly set and disarm the system before you head out the door. You wouldn’t want to trigger a false alarm and set back your vacation!

Set the stage 

Just because you’re out of town, doesn’t mean it has to look like it at your house. Leaving strategic lights on, or using a timer so that they come on at the opportune hours, and having a trusted neighbor frequent your house while you’re away can go a long way in giving the illusion that your home is occupied when you’re actually going to be gone for some time. Remember to ask your neighbor well ahead of time and leave any particular instructions you may have in an easily accessed spot. That way, when you get home, everything will be just how you left it!

See to the little things

Before you leave for your trip, you’ll probably do a final check on the bag you’ve packed to make sure you have everything you think you might need while away. Don’t forget to do the same sort of thing in the name of securing your home! Double-check all timers you’ve set for your lights, make sure you’ve removed any spare keys from their hiding spots outside, and don’t forget to cover your windows with the blinds or curtains so that the interior of your house is a bit less tempting to passers-by. While doing so won’t offer a guarantee of your home’s safety, seeing to the little things will grant you peace of mind and the assurance that you’ve prepared as best you can before you leave.

While your home may be more vulnerable during your absence, there are ways you can protect your investment and enjoy your holiday, too! Stay tuned to the Michelle Clark Team’s blog for more helpful tips throughout the season.