Spring Break for Coastal Locals

When most people hear the words “spring break,” they think of sandy beaches and salty ocean breezes: the kinds of things they don’t necessarily get to experience every day.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to live in southeastern North Carolina, though, are just a short trip away from our own personal seaside getaway!

So with all of this natural beauty readily available to us, what should you do with the kids’ time away from school? If you don’t feel up to taking a trip, there are plenty of fun things you can look into that might just help you all appreciate where you live that much more! And the best part? No endless hours in the car, lines at the airport, or bags to pack.

Explore the great outdoors

As we mentioned before, one of the most memorable features of our region is that it’s filled to the brim with outdoor beauty. And with all of that natural appeal comes a variety of activities through which you can enjoy it! If you live near the coast and plan to be around during spring break, we highly recommend taking advantage of the mild weather. From paddleboard and SUP rentals, to surfside explorations, you could spend all day in the water and work on an early tan.

Or, if sports aren’t really your forte but you still want to get some time in the sun, why not take the whole family out to one of the local parks or outdoor attractions like Airlie Gardens? There are plenty of places for long walks, picnics, and general outside time, plus the chance to learn more about the things that grow naturally in our region. The kids’ science teachers will thank you!

Brush up on your history

Whether you’ve lived in the area for decades or just a few months, you’ve probably heard about its rich historical background. But have you had the chance to really learn about it? Chances are, the kids have been studying up in their respective classrooms, but reading about a landmark and seeing one are two very different things. Take a day to visit some of the most iconic pieces of the past that our area has held onto: the Battleship, Fort Fisher, historic homes in downtown Wilmington. Not only will you all get to see first-hand the changes of time, but it’s a great way to immerse your kids in some cultural history before they go back to hitting the books.

Be tourists for a day

As a local, we’re sure you know that there’s even more to southeastern North Carolina’s landscapes than historical sites and gorgeous stretches of sand! And sometimes, the best way to tour your hometown is to view it through the lenses of a newcomer or visitor. Take the kids by the Children’s Museum for a day of fun discoveries, or check out some of the unique shops that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re near Carolina Beach, for example, why not explore the famous boardwalk? And when was the last time you went to the Cotton Exchange in Wilmington, or visited any of the waterfront restaurants in Wrightsville Beach? There are so many ways for you and the rest of the family to fall back in love with your coastal neighborhoods – you just have to take the opportunity to rediscover them!

Whether you’re staying in town for spring break fun or heading elsewhere, the local experts on the Michelle Clark Team are happy to provide you with details on the area’s happenings and long-standing events. Just stay tuned to our blog, or contact us if you’re ready to relocate to your next home on the coast!