Top 3 Features Wrightsville Beach Buyers Want

#1: Oceanfront or Waterfront and Water Views
Today’s Wrightsville Beach buyers want water access and water views and are willing to pay top dollar for it. Obviously, an oceanfront home where you walk directly out onto the gorgeous sandy beach would be most people’s first choice, but that supply is limited and the price doesn’t fit every budget. For boaters, the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) may offer more variety and options, while still providing the amenities of a beach island. Many buyers crave the sound of the breaking waves and the feel of the ocean breeze, so homes with second floor views and decks are desirable. With a little imagination and a knowledgeable Realtor to advise you, the location and your home’s best features can be enhanced to create an enjoyable beach experience.

a sunrise like this is one of the top features for Wrightsville Beach buyers

#2: Move-in Ready Homes
We are still in a seller’s market and many sellers erroneously believe they don’t need to make any updates to their home in order to receive top dollar. Today’s Wrightsville Beach buyers want to purchase a home they can move into the day after closing, to begin enjoying a carefree beach lifestyle or immediately use it as a rental property for investment purposes.
Buyers with an experienced and knowledgeable Wrightsville Beach Realtor will view all of the home’s photos (online) before scheduling a home tour, and any updates that have not been made may affect the buyer’s offering price.

#3: A House They Can Rent
Wilmington and our area beaches are vacation destinations for so many people from all over the US and beyond, and Wrightsville Beach has some of the most beautiful and accessible beaches, as well as casual and fine dining, shopping, and just a short drive to Historic Downtown, the Battleship North Carolina, and so much more. Wrightsville Beach buyers consistently ask about placing their home on the rental market – whether just for a few weeks in the summer, making it available for weddings and holiday weekends, or using it as investment property year round. Many potential buyers inquire about the rental history – or potential – of a home prior to viewing it.

A desirable or profitable Wrightsville Beach rental property may simply be walking distance to a public beach access or retail area. It may be located on the Intracoastal Waterway with a view of boating activity, or include enough sleeping space for a family to enjoy a reunion or host a bridal party on a wedding weekend. Wrightsville Beach offers more than gorgeous, sandy beaches; it provides the backdrop for making memories to last a lifetime. Contact a Michelle Clark Realty team professional today to find out more about home buying opportunities on Wrightsville Beach.