Utilizing your Home for the Sale: Bathrooms

Buyers love the allure of a fresh and beautiful bathroom that makes them feel as though they’ve stepped into a luxurious spa. However, the reality is that most of us do not have the perfect bathroom. While it doesn’t make a lot of sense to invest in a major bathroom renovation before a sale, it’s important to make it open house ready. Here are simple ways to create a bathroom haven with a wow factor.

Assess the situation and make a plan.

Bathrooms can be challenging rooms to stage for the sale, due to their small size and functional nature. And full bathroom renovations can be expensive. So plan on keeping your current flooring, fixtures, and cabinetry. The best place to start utilizing your bathroom for the sale is with a quick assessment. Take a picture of your bathroom as if you were listing it. What do you notice, how does it make you feel, do you see any defects? Also, compare it to the bathrooms of other homes for sale in your area. What does it seem to be lacking, and what are the positives?

Invest in minor upgrades.

Before cleaning and decorating, evaluate any minor defects that might deter buyers. Luckily, because bathrooms aren’t usually very large, you can make a big impact without spending a ton of money. Here are a few places to start.

  1. If wallpaper is peeling, steam it off the walls and paint the walls with a light-colored, natural paint.
  2. Fix leaky or dripping faucets.
  3. If cabinet hardware is weathered, replace knobs and pulls.
  4. Replace peeling or old caulk.
  5. Paint trim.
  6. Refinish outdated bathtubs or paint outdated cabinets.


Clean and declutter.

No one likes a dirty bathroom, and that’s especially true of buyers. So before you put the house on the market get out the bleach and start scrubbing. Whatever cleaning supplies you use, your goal is to clean the bathroom from top to bottom. It should sparkle and radiate cleanliness.

  1. Get rid of all mold. Almost every bathroom has mold somewhere, find it and remove it.
  2. Disinfect tile and freshen grout.
  3. Remove light fixtures, exhaust fan covers and light switch plates – wash, dry and replace.
  4. Replace any burnt-out bulbs and ensure you are using the correct wattage.
  5. Throw out worn, frayed, or outdated rugs and towels.
  6. Remove soap grime and calcium residue from shower doors.
  7. Organize and declutter cabinets, drawers and linen closets.


Decorate and stage.

When staging your bathroom, the effect you’re going for is “spa-like.” You don’t have to spend a fortune to create the illusion of a spa. Check out discount stores for inexpensive supplies. Here are types of spa accessories for you to pick and choose among.

  1. Fresh towels, rugs, washcloths.
  2. Candles in various sizes and natural colors.
  3. Fresh and organic plants.
  4. Glass containers filled with cotton balls or Q-tips.
  5. Fluffy white robe.
  6. Creams, lotions, shampoos or bath salts with detailed packaging.
  7. Sea sponges and bath brushes.
  8. Baskets for storage.
  9. Install shelves or cabinets or added space.


Prepping, repairing, cleaning, and staging a bathroom might feel like a lot of work for a small space, especially when you still have the rest of the house to take care of. But a little work and a small investment now can help make the sale down the road. Ready to put the house on the market, small bathroom and all? Contact the Michelle Clark Team for the best real estate agents in southeastern North Carolina!  You put in a little elbow grease and we will worry about the big stuff.