How to Increase Curb Appeal in Autumn

Making the outside of the home you want to sell in spring and summer is easy – everything is in bloom, the sun is out, and in southeastern North Carolina especially, the warmer weather helps foster a sense of relaxation and contentment.

In autumn, it seems much harder to play up the outdoors and make your house stand out in the market. But in reality, the season just gives you a different set of advantages to work with!

Take it from your local real estate experts – marketing your home in fall doesn’t have to be any more difficult than it is to sell it during the summer. Here are just a few tips you can use to increase your curb appeal this fall and entice a buyer or two.


Flowers aren’t just in bloom during spring! In our region, warmer weather lasts longer and there is plenty of rainfall – make the most of it when it comes time to sell your home. Colorful plants reflect vitality and a thriving landscape when most people are thinking about how winter is on its way and will kill the grass. Flowers like mums, burning bush, and witch-hazels can brighten up your front porch or lawn, and don’t require a lot of maintenance on your end, either.

Welcome guests

Highlight your front door to make potential buyers feel more at home right from the start. This can be as simple as finding the right wreath to set off the color of your door and make it more noticeable from the street. You can find pre-made ones at your local home goods and craft stores, or grab some supplies and try your hand at making one yourself! We would also recommend setting out a welcome mat with the same idea in mind. Utilize bright colors, cozy vibes, and friendly messages on your mat to help those buyers envision coming home to see something similar each day.

Lighten up

Around this time of year, a lot of people like to put out Halloween decorations and other fall décor pieces. While you shouldn’t feel discouraged from doing so, we suggest going with a more conservative approach this fall. Some of the people coming to view your home might not like heavy decorations, and that might make it harder for them to see beyond the lights, fake cobwebs, ghosts, goblins, and whatever else you might think of to put out. Stick to strings of lights and a jack-o-lantern or two to make the porch feel personal and homey, but not overloaded with holiday festivities.

You’re well on your way to selling your home this fall! For more selling and staging tips, keep an eye out for the Michelle Clark Team’s next blog post.