The Pros and Cons of Living Near Beaches During the Fall Season

The Michelle Clark Team is fortunate enough to work in close proximity to a number of coastal communities: Landfall, Figure Eight Island, Hampstead, and more!

As such, we make it a point to know what there is to offer residents throughout the year, whether they live on the water or a little further inland.

So though the end of summer might seem like the completion of beach season, we’re here to tell you that there are both fantastic and less appealing parts of living beachside during this time of year! Our local experts chose just a few to highlight for the newest additions to the community to consider as we move toward chillier temperatures and fall festivities.

Pro: extended summers!

It might take fall a tad longer to permeate the air, but that just means more time to enjoy our beautiful landscapes and outdoor recreational scene! Southeastern North Carolina enjoys a mild fall, with temperatures only dropping by small increments through September and most of October. Go ahead and hit the beach this weekend, or enjoy a walk in one of our many wonderful parks after work. 

Con: ever-changing weather reports.

The tempered cool-down that gradually settles in after fall is well underway unfortunately includes some indecisive weather patterns. While the morning might start off with an autumnal chill in the air, the afternoon might host a bright sun and summer temperatures, or even a heavy rainfall. But all experienced locals learn that fall just means dressing in layers, and taking the time to put an umbrella in the car before heading out for the day. 

Pro/Con: fewer tourists.

This point deserves to be added to both sides of the pros and cons list. Why? Well, when the influx of tourist season dies down, locals have the opportunity to experience some of the attractions of summer without the crowds or traffic. It’s especially enjoyable for families who want to fit in a weekend excursion in the first month or so of the school year, before homework and extracurricular activities begin to monopolize everyone’s time!

On the other hand, a slower season also translates into a decrease in community activities – at least until the holidays are in full swing – and local business hours. For long-time residents, this is a great time to take advantage of the fair weather while it lasts, with the knowledge that all of their favorite events will return soon, with the onset of annual holiday festivities.

Whether it’s your first time experiencing autumn near a beach, or just another season as a local, we hope you enjoy the break from the heat and all that your surroundings have to offer! For more information about living here in the coastal region, or to get started on locating your ideal home, contact the Michelle Clark Team.