Back to School in Coastal North Carolina

The first day of school can bring about all sorts of feelings, no matter what grade a student is starting: excitement, wariness, nerves, optimism.

But after an entire summer of moving, unpacking, and carving out a new life in a new town, it can be especially hard for kids embarking on a fresh semester at a school they’ve never attended before.

So how can you as a parent pave the way to a successful academic year? Without sitting through the classes right alongside them – and we doubt that would go over so well, especially if you have a high school student at home – you don’t have much control over what happens in the classroom. But, you can set up your students by giving them a few end-of-summer experiences they can take with them, right along with the extra pencils and three-ring binders.

Getting acquainted

Sometimes the best way to deal with trepidation over something new is to dive in headfirst and give it a try anyway. For outgoing kids, you may find that they just need that subtle push to begin ingratiating themselves with the student body. Local camps and programs tend to run through the summer, so even if you’ve arrived later in the season, there’s probably something for each of your kids to get involved with and meet a few of their peers. Think of it like a test run for the first day of school, where the kids can get a feel for a normal routine outside the chaos that can be the moving process. You can check out resources like Wilmington Parent for program updates.

Exploring the neighborhood

If your kids are heading into a school with appropriate sidewalks to check out the surrounding area, definitely take the opportunity to get the lay of the land before it’s time to drop them off for the first day of school. Not only will it help them get used to where the building is in relation to their new home, but it gives you all a chance to take in more of your location and get a feel for the overall local mood. And who knows – doing this might also make you feel more at ease while the kids are at school during the day, leaving you more time to acclimate yourself to your own routine!

Studying up

No kid wants to think about school assignments during summer break, but what about the extracurricular activities that public and private schools alike offer their students? If your child is feeling unsure about the upcoming school year, it could help to offer him or her something else to look forward to, like a sport or arts activity that the school in your previous town sponsored. While academics are important, giving your kids the opportunity to interact with their classmates in an active setting, learn new skills, and just blow off some steam after a long day of classes can make just as much of an impact on their futures, not to mention their short-term comfort while still living at home.

Your partnership with the Michelle Clark Team doesn’t end once you’ve received the keys to your new home in coastal North Carolina; we’re always here to help with local information and advice! Stay tuned to our blog for more tips for making the most of your new neighborhood.